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Work for Social Change
I have a range of union organizing experience from the field to the director level and consult, in a limited way, on campaign assessment, bargaining strategy, identifying leverage, and rank and file leadership development. I approach problems from a first principles perspective, axiomatically as well as ethically, and move easily from the generative state of creative possibility to the immediate parameters of a specific situation. 


More broadly, I am interested in working at the tactical and theoretical levels with anyone seeking to shift systems toward dignity and wealth equity. My work can take the form of advising, writing proposals or plans, working as a thought-partner or mentor, small group facilitation, or presentations on a specific subject.

Film / TV

I collaborate with directors on writing for film & tv treatments, “bibles,” and as a subject matter expert where applicable. I am particularly drawn to projects with weird grifters, bad plans, and the ever-darkening comedy of being alive.

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